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If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

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Your eyes, like a happy ending. My heart black like the very lies you speak. And the thought that I’ll never be the same… So give in to me, I’ve lost all my integrity. Forgive is another night, I try to walk away. And in the distance the clouds will align, forming a pattern you shouldn’t combine. And the only thought in my head was the true understanding that we were all dead. Ruiner, breath free. Cut down to size, they’ll discover your lies when you’re hung from a cross. And i doubt a surprise when you apologize as you’re hung from a cross. It can get so lonely. Listen, and see the change brought to the sea as you’re hung from a cross. Open your eyes and you’ll soon realize that you’re hung from a cross. When did it come down to this? (walk away) Falling apart, we’re falling. It’s fallen apart. Tied down by these sheets, we’re drowning in our sleep. Fast asleep, dream and breath for me.

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