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If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

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Baby, I've said I'm lonely, so lonely. And baby, you know you're all that matters. Just hold me. I swear we'll make this better. This clock speaks of all these passing hours, And though you said it's over, we'll piece this back together. I'll wait for you. I'd wait for you. I could never put it lightly. Lovely, we've walked through stormy weather, And I've lost track of what held us together. I love you, and i will never be complete without you here with me. This clock, it speaks way too often. This clock, it speaks of our lives. I will never let you down and I swear I will never ask you why you couldn't do this for me Kill a dream, kill these dreams, baby. Don't speak, burn this city. Let her sleep. I never wanted it to end this way, and i always knew you weren't perfect. I never wanted it to end this way, and you always knew i wasn't perfect.

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