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If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

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She writes the words, exposing the truth. The past is just a cause and you're gone. "don't give up on me..." I'd love to...Just to fall asleep with... Nothing else, but your hold on me, it's just a train wreck burning. Nothing left, but your hold, loosening, and I see our time is running out. Standing on your lawn, it's been a month now since you saw me. Ripping out my lungs to prove that I'm still breathing. "just let go of me" you're never listening...” Speak your silent means...and at the break of dawn I'm coughing blood. "hold your grudge on me" you're never listening. Just let go and see...that at the break of dawn I'm coughing blood. Staring at these walls, hoping you take the time to call me. Counting down the clock, you know that it's not easy. Still, you will see what is gone is never sacrificed. Still, I'm left dreaming that this time we lost rebuilds itself.

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